Equipment / Machinery

Techcom Technology has the equipment and experience to produce a wide variety of customised metal products to meet your needs. These include:

Laser Cutting
Our Bystronics Laser Machine from Switzerland can achieve accuracy of +/-0.1mm, up to thickness of 6mm for Stainless Steel.
For the bending facilities, we have 2 Bystronic CNC Bending Machines, 1 Amada CNC Bending Machine and 1 Durma CNC Bending Machine. These machineries have the capability of up to +/-0.1mm accuracy.
Precision Machining
With our Makino CNC Milling machine S33 & S56 we are able to machine part with accuracy up to 5 micron. This support allow us to have a faster turn around time and cost effective in our machining parts.
We have total of 15 Migatronic Welding Machines specially imported from Denmark. Some of welders are certified with “Aerospace Welding
Certification”. We have the capability of achieving 20 micron flatness for structures > 1000mm in length
Sub Assembly
At Techcom Technology, We provide in house sub assembly, module according to your specifications.
Supporting Tools
CNC Machines