Quality Assurance

At Techcom, we are committed to improving standards and developing technology for the benefit of our customers. We have been awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 status, which is a testament of our high qulity service standards. It is our policy to aim for 100 percent achievement for all delivered parts to be accorded ‘ship to stock’ status by our customers and to enjoy zero in-coming inspection.

We have in place Quality Management standards to ensure that we have the right platforms and procedures to provide continuous high quality customer service, with consistent and reliable product delivery.

At Techcom, we constantly monitor the quality of service we deliver, using service standards and customer feedback to drive further improvements in our service quality. Continuously, we review a series of service and performance indicators designed with customer input and feedback to ensure we are meeting our defined service levels.

Philips Enabling Technologies Award
ASM Front-end Mfg Pte Ltd Appreciation Award
Benchmark Green Belt Award
ASM FEMS Appreciation award
Vendor Quality Award- supply chain excellence
Vendor Quality Award- innovative partnership
Vendor Quality Award- scm transformations