Why Techcom

Our competitive advantage is our capabilities to incorporate our know how in design and process engineering into our clients products. Couple with our quality and precise fabrication and on time delivery to our clients, make us stand out from our competition.

Our efficient and systematic control of our process reduces rejects, thus keeping quality cost down. This enable us to channel the savings to our clients.

We understand the cost of “time” on your business, keeping pace with today’s changing world is not only essential but a must to adopt flexibility & fast response to meet your requirement.

Techcom has placed great emphasis on creating a state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology and equipment.

Our Business Commitment

Techcom core business strategy is to provide innovative value engineering solutions and support for the manufacturing industries, maximising operational speed, flexibility & efficiency, and maintaining strategic partnership with Customers.

Techcom is committed to continuous improvements in productivity and operational efficiency in a challenging business environment.